Go for a cultural tour of Warsaw!

December 9, 2019 / Poland

Check out the places you have never been in before to gain new experiences or spend the day as you always do, with the help of Uber app. Embark on a cultural conquest of the city and request the rides with Uber.

Are you looking for unusual entertainment and expect something refreshing? Go to the Neon Museum where you will find over 100 old neon signs and advertising installations. A moment for stimulating coffee in the Old Town and head to Praga to discover dozens of colourful neon ads that once gave the glow to Polish buildings.

Old Town – Neon Museum (PLN 14 – 18)

Long December evenings are an ally of spending time in one of the many theatres in Warsaw. Check the current program and choose an ambitious piece, a ballet or a concert. And after the show, it is time for an elegant dinner in a place with an unusual ambience!

Och-Teatr – Francuska Street (16 – 22 PLN)

You prefer cinema? Try something really special, a place filled with tradition, such as Kino Kultura in the heart of Warsaw. After the film you can ride back home or to a bar or a restaurant. With Uber app, you will get wherever you want from 1 PLN per each kilometre driven.

Kino Kultura – Palace of Culture and Science  (8 – 11 PLN)

An evening theatre visit? Saturday trip with friends to the cinema? Ride to any place you wish can be fast and safe if you use the Uber app. Request a ride with just one click, choosing a multi-stop route, so that you can pick up your friends along the way.

Use the shared trip cost option and for the rest of the evening share good emotions only. Choose your destinations and get wherever you want with the Uber app!

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