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Ukraine relief – what you can do

February 27, 2022 / Poland

We all do everything we can to help bring help to people affected by the war in Ukraine. For our Uber community in Poland, these efforts are particularly important, as many of our friends and colleagues, as well as drivers using our platform, are Ukraine-born, while their families are currently trying to escape the war zone. See what you can do to help and learn what else Uber is doing to help Ukraine.

1. I have items refugees may need and I want to donate them personally

If you want to donate goods to the Red Cross and wish to go to the collection center by yourself, use the code to get there for free. List of codes:

  • PCKWARSZAWA in Warsaw
  • PCKKRAKOW in Krakow
  • PCKGDANSK in Trojmiasto
  • PCKWROCLAW in Wroclaw
  • PCKPOZNAN in Poznan
  • PCKKATOWICE in Silesia
  • PCKLODZ in Lodz
  • PCKLUBLIN in Lublin
  • PCKSZCZECIN in Szczecin
  • PCKBYDGOSZCZ in Bydgoszcz
  • PCKRZESZOW in Rzeszow
→ How does it work:

It’s simple! You are a kind person and you’re collecting gifts that you want to donate, while we help you get to the donation point for free. All you have to do is add the code, enter the address of the Polish Red Cross and wait with your packages for the driver to arrive.

→ What can be put in the package:

LONG-TERM FOOD: canned food, oil, sugar, pasta, flour, groats, rice, tea, coffee, sweets, UHT milk, canned vegetables/fruit (e.g. beans, peas, corn, pineapple, peach), tomato puree in cartons, dried fruit, nuts.

MEDICAL DRESSINGS, especially for wounds and burns: thermal blankets, sterile gases, sterile compresses, knitted bands, elastic bandages, ampoules of saline, disinfectants, disposable gloves, sterile bandages, tourniquets, scissors for dressings.

NEW blankets and sleeping bags are also collected!

PLEASE NOTE they do not collect clothes

→ Where can you deliver the gifts:
BydgoszczKujawsko- Pomorski
Oddział Okręgowy PCK
Ul. Dr E. Warmińskiego 10
Oddział Okręgowy PCK
AL. Wojska Polskiego 63
KatowiceŚląski Oddział Okręgowy
Ul. PCK 8
ŁódźŁódzki Oddział PCKul. Wysoka 44
LublinLubelski Oddział
Ul. Puchacza 6
WrocławDolnośląski Oddział Okręgowy PCKUl. Bujwida 43
RzeszówPodkarpacki Oddział Okręgowy PCKul. Jana III Sobieskiego 3,
ul. Jana III Sobieskiego 4/2
GdańskPomorski Oddział Okręgowy PCKul. Kurkowa 8
KrakówMałopolski Oddział Okręgowy PCKUl. Studencka 19
PoznańWielkopolski Oddział Okręgowy PCK Rejony Poznańul. Górna Wilda 99-A-B
WarszawaMazowiecki Oddział Okręgowy PCKul. Szańcowa 25
→ How to add the promocode:
  1. Open the app
  2. Expand the menu in the upper right corner
  3. Go to Wallet
  4. Go to the bottom and click “Add promo code”
  5. Enter the promo code, the app will automatically apply the discount when you order a ride.

2. I want to help a refugee currently on one of the border crossings get to Lublin or Rzeszów

If you are in either of these two cities and you know someone who’s currently in Hrebenne, Budomierz, Korczowa, Przemysl, or Medyka who needs help with reaching Rzeszów; or in Dolhobyczow, Dorohusk, Chelm, or Zosin in need of reaching Lublin, by choosing the option Uber Aid, with POMOCLUBELSKIE or POMOCPODKARPACKIE** codes you’ll be able to take a ride to and from either of these crossings free of charge. You can also share the code directly with someone who you know will put it to good use.

3. I want to provide financial support

If you want to donate money but don’t know how to find a reliable charity organization, take a look at our list of verified charities, currently engaged in multiple local relief actions (the list will be updated)

The refugees need our help immediately. This is why we’ve launched a set of initiatives to provide support to the charities, fleet partners who help in the border zone, as well as everyone who has found themselves in need of help, because of the warfare.

Uber has declared to allocate 2M PLN in the initiatives supporting the Ukrainians. Our team works tirelessly to:

-> Donate money for charities and institutions organizing help in Ukraine and for the refugees 

-> Support our fleet partners, financially and operationally

-> Finance rides and meals for volunteers 

-> Establish cooperation with the authorities of the cities that need help

The past days have shown how wonderfully our community can unite. We are glad that we can help in these difficult times, using our technology for a good purpose. We encourage you to join us and help as much as you can.

* The promotion is valid for one free ride (up to 30 PLN) to or from the collection points. The addresses of the collection points can be found on the blog. The code is valid until March 6, 2022. 

** The promotion is valid for two free rides (up to 300 PLN each) between Lublin or Rzeszow and the border crossings in Hrebnne, Dolhobrycz, Dobrohusk, Zosin, Budmierz, Korczowa or Medyka. The code is valid until March 12, 2022.