The last 18 months have seen lots of plans, holidays and special events cancelled. Now it’s time to get back to planning ahead – and we’re making that easier with the introduction of Uber Reserve!

By selecting Reserve on the homepage in the latest version of the Uber app, riders in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch can now reserve an UberX or Uber Comfort ride up to 30 days in advance. With Reserve, riders are also given a locked-in upfront price – so there’s no surge charges or surprises. 

New tech helps driver partners navigate to arrive early for Reserve trips, to help ensure on-time pick-up every time. Plus there’s upfront driving matching, so riders know who has accepted the trip in advance.

Margarita Peker, Head of Rider Operations in Australia and New Zealand, said Reserve was designed to give riders and driver-partners alike added certainty. 

“With exclusive features like upfront matching between rider and driver and price certainty with upfront pricing for your route, Uber Reserve offers riders peace of mind when it’s needed most. And for driver partners, expanded control and insight into Reserve trips allows them to more easily plan their time on the road, and select from trips that fit around their schedule.

“After an uncertain couple of years, we know that Kiwis are excited to get out and make plans that they can rely on. Uber Reserve means you don’t need to leave anything to chance – especially when booking those important trips for things you can’t miss, or for the times when it’s just not fashionable to be late.”

The roll out of Uber Reserve follows a successful trial in Auckland, Sydney and Adelaide. 

“We surveyed riders in the trial group and 8 out of 10 (80%) rated Uber Reserve a great experience. In fact, riders gave driver-partners 5 stars on 95.5% of Uber Reserve trips,” said Margarita. 

“They told us the key occasions they opted for Uber Reserve was for events (30%), business trips (18%), airport trips (23%), and appointments (20%).   

“Whether it’s taking the stress out of travel, planning your work commute, or making sure you’ll be at an event on time, it’s easier than ever to reserve your ride on the Uber app. ” 

What sets Uber Reserve apart: 

  • Reserve in advance: You can now reserve your ride up to 30 days in advance. 
  • Know what you’ll pay: Lock in your Reservation price when you book. No surge changes, no surprises.
  • On time pick up: Our improved technology helps Driver Partners navigate to arrive early, to ensure you’re picked up on time.
  • Ready when you are: Your ride happens on your schedule, with 5 minutes of wait time included.

Uber Reserve will be available for all users in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch by December 15.