Have you ever wondered how you got your Uber rating? How many driver partners gave you five stars or even one star? Now, we’re making it easier than ever to see exactly how your rating is calculated, and for the first time, we’re showing you the good (and the bad) ratings you received.

Launching today, all Uber users can access a breakdown of their average rating in the Uber app’s new Privacy Centre. You’ll see how many driver partners gave you a stellar 5-star rating, how many handed out the dreaded single star, and everything in between. 

The ratings breakdown is available to all Uber users right in the Privacy Centre, which can be accessed by logging into your account online or in the app. 

To access the Privacy Centre and ratings breakdown in the app:

  1. In the settings menu, tap privacy and then Privacy Centre
  2. In the Privacy Centre, swipe to the right and click on the “would you like to see a summary of how you use Uber” tile
  3. Scroll down to the “browse your data” section and tap on “View my ratings” to see the breakdown 

In addition to viewing your ratings, users can also review their past trip information, payment details, control marketing preferences and more in the Privacy Centre.

How does your city rank for average ratings?

We know Kiwis are renowned for being a friendly bunch, but how does New Zealand’s manners stack up according to Uber driver-partners? To celebrate the launch of our the new ratings breakdown, we’re lifting the lid on each city’s average rating:

  1. Hamilton – 4.91
  2. Nelson – 4.91
  3. Christchurch – 4.90
  4. Queenstown – 4.90
  5. Wellington – 4.88
  6. Auckland – 4.86

How to see your rating

To see how you compare against your city’s average, head to the app and click on your picture in the top right hand corner of the home screen. This should bring up your profile, with your rating sitting under your name.  

Both riders and driver partners have the ability to rate one to five stars on a trip. Your rating is the average of your last 500 trips, and is measured out of 5 stars. Ratings are anonymous, so neither you nor the driver partner will see individual ratings, just a breakdown of overall ratings in the Privacy Centre. 

Want to improve your rating?

Ratings foster mutual respect between riders and driver partners. This strengthens our community and helps everyone get the most from Uber. Just as you expect driver partners to treat you with respect, driver partners hope to feel the same acknowledgement from riders. A high rating is about more than bragging rights among your friends. It’s a sign that people enjoyed their time with you!

Very few people have a perfect rating, so don’t despair if your average isn’t 5.0. However, things that seem small to you can matter to your driver, and contribute to increasing your rating. Here are some top tips from driver partners:

  1. Be ready: Driver-partners love it when riders are ready to go when they arrive at the pick-up location, and when the location you entered is actually where you’ll be. Please show respect for your driver partner’s time and don’t leave them waiting.
  2. Leave it as you found it: The car you’re riding in may be the driver partner’s personal vehicle, so always make sure to take your rubbish and any other belongings with you. Don’t leave a mess behind. 
  3. Treat everyone and everything with respect: As outlined in our Community Guidelines, we want riders and driver partners to feel safe, respectful, and positive. Always treat your driver and their vehicle as you would want to be treated. 
  4. Don’t slam the door! It is easy to accidentally slam a door if you aren’t thinking about it, and drivers have consistently cited door slams as a reason why they deduct stars. It’s easy to accidentally slam a door if you’re not thinking about it. 
  5. Be polite and courteous: After an interesting couple of years, we could all benefit from spreading a little kindness. “Hello, how was your day?”, can really go a long way. 

The launch of the Privacy Centre, which is available to all users globally, highlights our mission of being a trusted steward of our users’ personal data in every market where we operate. By offering more transparency and easier access to your data, we hope this gives you all you need to have a 5-star experience on every ride.