A new report released this week from the New Zealand Institute of Economic Research (NZIER) estimates that Uber Eats grows the size of the New Zealand economy by $162 million per year. 

Other headlines from the report include – 

  • Additional employment generated by ready to eat services totalled 517 new jobs across New Zealand (with Auckland, Wellington and Waikato benefiting most).
  • A higher adoption of ready to eat services attributed to a $21.5 million lift in the restaurant sector in 2018.
  • Restaurants that partnered with Uber Eats saw average take home revenues of nearly $60,000 across 2019 from sales through the platform. 
  • In 2019, Uber Eats services improved New Zealanders’ wellbeing by $4 million from less time spent travelling and $30 million from food preparation time savings.

NZIER also noted that ready to eat services led to – 

  • An increase in demand for restaurant orders. 
  • Higher economic activity for the Uber Eats delivery partners in the transport sector
  • An increase in the size of the business services sector.
  • A shift in activity from households’ grocery shopping to wholesale grocery shopping by the restaurants.
  • Wellbeing gains for customers who spent less time travelling to pick up food, preparing their meals and cleaning up the dishes. 

You can download the full report from the New Zealand Institute of Economic Research website.