Uber users come from all walks of life, and we all play a role in helping keep the trip experience respectful and safe. 

Both Uber, as a registered booking service provider, and rideshare driver-partners have particular legal and regulatory requirements they need to meet.

As part of our ongoing commitment to help meet these requirements, we’re rolling out a series of new educative materials to support the 6,500 Uber driver-partners who choose to use the Uber app in New Zealand.

These materials were designed in consultation with not-for-profit experts. They aim to help make sure driver-partners are aware of their legal obligations, such as those around safe driving and service animals, to help make every trip on the Uber platform safe, respectful and enjoyable for everyone. 

We also worked with an experienced third-party education provider, EduMe, to produce video and materials that are clear, engaging and easily understandable. The topics covered include staying safe on the road, assisting riders with a disability, respectful behaviour and harassment, and vehicle maintenance.

Uber is a huge community of people who share a common goal: to create a world where it’s safe and easy for everyone to get around. We’ll continue to look at ways to make sure riders on the Uber app are also upholding our Community Guidelines, so we can help Uber be welcoming and safe for all.