We are absolutely thrilled the Wellington City Council has selected JUMP as one of two operators for its e-scooter trial.

Acquired by Uber, JUMP is part of our New Mobilities team, which is exploring how new forms of transport can complement the existing infrastructure in cities around the world, building and scaling the next set of mobility businesses that will help Uber evolve into a multi-modal platform.

We are working with the Wellington City Council on exact timings for launch, but expect to have JUMP scooters available in the coming months.

Uber and JUMP are committed to the safety of everyone on the platform and the communities where we operate. We will be working closely with road safety experts and local authorities to encourage safe riding behaviour when using JUMP in Wellington.

We are excited to be partnering with the Wellington City Council to offer more safe and affordable options for that first or last mile, trip across town, or ride to work.

We want to continue to partner with New Zealand cities and support them in their diversification of the transport mix – to be complementary to other forms of shared, public and active transport.