It’s a great day for multimodal transport in Auckland. Today, we launched shared dockless electric JUMP bikes. 

This launch is the first of its kind in the Asia Pacific region and follows the first trial of JUMP e-scooters in Wellington last year and the subsequent launch of e-scooters in Auckland in January 2020. 

We’ve worked with the Auckland council to make our e-bike dreams a reality and it truly is exciting to think about the future of transport in this beautiful city.

The launch of JUMP e-bikes in Auckland gives residents more options when deciding how to get from A to B without the use of a car and is a crucial piece of our plan to bring together different modes of transport in the Uber app. 

We’re committed to changing the way people move around their cities. Increased mobility, reduced congestion and improved environmental outcomes – these are the building blocks of our vision for the Uber platform. 

The technology seen in our e-bikes and e-scooters is world class. Whether it’s the motor, GPS traceability, battery system, user interface, locking system – it’s all custom designed and engineered. 

It’s exciting to bring shared e-bikes to the Asia Pacific region. My team and I are looking forward to seeing how Aucklanders embrace JUMP e-bikes, and what the future of mobility in New Zealand could look like. 

How does it work? 

From today, commuters will be able to select an e-bike within the Uber app. 

It’s simple to use. Via Uber:

  • Tap the mode switch on the home screen to switch the app view to bikes and scooters.
  • You’ll see the available JUMP bikes around you and you can reserve them through the app and scan them to unlock.
  • Simply unlock the e-bike using the app, retract the lock from the rear wheel to start and off you go. Once you’re finished riding, you can lock the bike using the built in cable lock in the e-bike zone shown on the app’s map. Loop the helmet through the cable lock before locking up so it’s there ready for the next rider!