Uber has already changed how Kiwis move, and we want to do it again. That’s why we’re introducing Public Transport to the Uber app in Auckland. 

The fact is, for many trips it can be faster or cheaper to take public transport than any other form of travel. But when we’re in a hurry, we don’t always take the time to compare trip options. We want to give riders a seamless way to do that right from the Uber app.

So from today, riders in Auckland will begin seeing real-time bus, train and ferry information in the Uber app, making it easier for people to make the right transport choice for their trip length and need.

You might ask, why is Uber doing this? It’s simple – our reliance on the private vehicle simply isn’t sustainable and we want to help Kiwis live car free or car light lifestyles. 

Integrating public transport into their Uber app is an important step towards making it possible for people to replace their private car with their mobile phone. 

Public transport is also crucial to Uber’s near and long-term global sustainability goals, and as electric vehicle take up grows and becomes part of our platform, we believe there will be great network effects taking shape by which zero-emissions vehicles can help riders get to/from public transport modalities – creating a truly zero-emissions trip. 

Integrating public transport into the Uber app this is one way we can leverage technology to help Kiwis plan travel in a way that is as convenient and as flexible as driving their own car – but far more sustainable. 

How it works:

  • Accessing Public Transport information within the app is easy: After riders enter a destination in Auckland, they will see “Public Transport” as an option alongside other products, like “UberX”, “UberXL” and “Comfort”
  • Upon selecting the “Public Transport” option, riders can see fast routes, real-time schedules, prices and walking directions to and from stations or bus stops.