This year for Halloween, our car icons in the app are joining in on the fun and dressing up. They’ve been busy trying to find the perfect costume to match their unique personalities, just in time for All Hallows’ Eve.

The Terrific Dollar Saver, also known as uberPOOL, is your superhero this Halloween. It’s the most affordable option (available in select Uber cities), and ready to save you—and your wallet—all night. Always eager for adventure, this road warrior loves to bring people together, so don’t be shy and enjoy the ride!
No bones about it, uberX is one of the cheapest ways to get around your city. Meet Twiggy: no matter where you are, it’ll be there too. Twiggy is your go-to friend who always helps you save a few bones.
Our largest low-cost option, uberXL is big enough to fit your whole pack. This year it’s dressing as Boris the werewolf. Besides howling at the moon and taking you and your friends where you need to be, it enjoys spending Halloween night sinking its fangs into king size candy bars.
Like that person at the party that everyone wants to meet, Twinklefly (SELECT’s alter ego for the night) is not only pretty, but also approachable. This magical car decided to go dressed as a fairy this year, and is ready to take you anywhere, while always looking fly.
UberBLACK is a true OG—as the first car type on the Uber system, it chose a classic costume this year to match its personality. This ghost is not your typical Casper, it also helps you go incognito with tinted windows, so you choose if you want to be seen on your night out. Ghost riding not included.
We’d like to introduce you to Franky the Frankenstein SUV. This ride isn’t just nuts and bolts, it’s also strong and powerful. Big enough to fit your entire crew and with luxury to boot, you’ll never have to worry about fitting your costume into a ride with Franky.
Like a game of chess, the queen rules. And in terms of a top-of-the-line ride, UberLUX takes the cake. This Halloween, it’s playing up the fanciness with a gold crown. While it loves to relax and eat its favorite Halloween candy (dark chocolate, obviously), LUX is out working hard in a handful of Uber cities to take you to your soirée with ultimate style.
Meet Jacques, the uberPOP jack-o’-lantern that got its start in Paris. For those who don’t know, POP is low cost and reliable like uberX, but only makes its appearance in some European cities.