Driving while tired is an issue for all who share the road. Data from the NZ Transport Agency (NZTA) shows that in 2016, fatigue was identified as a contributing factor in 28 fatal crashes, 119 serious injury crashes and 438 minor injury crashes*.

While all driver partners in New Zealand need to adhere to the NZTA’s work time and logbook requirements, we want to do more to help prevent drowsy driving.

To further enhance safety measures via both the Uber and Uber Eats apps, we’re launching a new technology-enabled feature that prompts driver and delivery partners of the need for downtime after being on one of the apps for 13 hours, logging them off for at least 10 hours of continuous rest.

This move will strengthen our approach to help keep riders plus drivers and delivery partners safe on the road while preserving the flexibility drivers tell us they love – as close to one-third of Kiwis who drive using the Uber app are on the road less than 10 hours a week, and likewise half of Uber Eats delivery partners deliver for under 10 hours a week.

This complements the requirement that all ridesharing driver partners in New Zealand must have a passenger endorsement before they can drive with Uber which means they must comply with the NZTA’s work time and logbook requirements.  

It is an Uber requirement that driver partners use the Logmate app to fulfill their work time requirements, and not doing so could result in their access to the Uber app being restricted.  We regularly remind drivers of their obligations to stay safe on the road – and now we’re going one step further.

Our Community Guidelines have always made it clear to driver partners and delivery partners that it’s important to take a break whenever driver partners are feeling tired on the road.

Here’s how it works:

  • The feature will count driving time, making it easy for drivers to keep tabs on how long they’ve been earning money via an  Uber app
  • It provides periodic notifications when approaching the 13-hour driving time limit and then automatically goes offline for 10 straight hours when the max has been reached
  • After the 10 hours, driving/delivery time resets and driver/delivery partners can go online again to receive trip requests
  • Note: a push notification via the Uber app will remind driver and delivery partners to also take a break after 7 hours of driving

Everyone knows that drinking and driving is dangerous, but many don’t know the risks or warning signs of drowsy driving.

Uber is constantly looking at new ways to use technology to contribute to safety in our communities. We want to promote safe and responsible use of our app. Together we move.