*Please note the trial of Uber Commute is currently paused

At Uber, we want to make it easier to get around without owning your own car. To do that, we need to use technology to help people plan travel in a way that is as convenient as taking a private car. 

And one of the times people use their cars most is for their daily commute. But what if we could just help two people, heading from the same suburb, to the same business district, in the same car? For every two people who travel together, that’s one less car on the road. 

So, we’re asking Aucklanders to let us know if they like the idea too. Over the coming weeks, Aucklanders will be able to express their interest in joining the pilot of ‘Uber Commute’ – either as someone who drives their own car and picks up someone else on the way, or as someone who leaves their car at home and hitches a ride. This isn’t the same as becoming an Uber driver-partner, it’s a way to help people in a community commute to and from work in a more environmentally friendly way. 

If there’s enough interest from communities, we’ll launch this service in Auckland once restrictions have eased. 

If you’re driving, it’s a way to offset the cost of your commute while doing what you already do.  

If you’re riding along, it means you don’t need to worry about the cost or hassle of parking, and you’ll pay approximately $5.55 for a 5km trip (based on the rate of $0.71/km plus a $2 booking fee per trip). 

We think carpooling is a way your communities can commute together, for the better. The question is, does Auckland think so too?

 How will Uber Commute work? 

  • Through the Uber app, you schedule up to 5 days before you want to leave home or work, where you’re heading and if you want to Ride or Drive. 
  • If there is someone to match with, we will pair you and let you know so you can commute together. 

How much does it cost?

  • The cost of the trip for passengers is $0.71 a kilometre, plus a $2 booking fee.
  • Those driving will be reimbursed for their costs at a rate of $0.71 cents per kilometre, in line with NZ cost-sharing regulations.
  • The booking fee will be passed onto Uber.

When and where will Uber Commute be available? 

  • Right now, we are calling for people to express their interest in this pilot coming to Auckland. Let us know when you’d use it and along what route when you see the expression of interest option in the Uber app over the coming week.
  • When there are enough people in your community who want Uber Commute, we will make it available in the Uber app!

*Updated 16 April 2021