Uber is not just an app, we’re changing the way that people and things move around your city in over 60 countries around the world. As the company evolves, our employees have the opportunity to grow with it. Working at Uber means being part of an environment where employees solve problems they find interesting, take initiative to achieve their vision, and make an impact in 100s of communities.

We sat down with employees across 6 major functions—Engineering, Copywriting, Design, Product Management, Product Marketing, and Data Science—to get help sharing who we really are and what drives them. See what they have to say on our new jobs site.

Amritha Prasad on Unique Challenges:

Amritha“After getting a taste of many different aspects of Uber in my time here, I’ve found a home as design lead on the Safety Team. In India, myself and my mother would always have to be chaperoned by my uncle or grandfather whenever we went in a taxi or hired car. I feel complete knowing that the work that I do here is geared towards making India and the world a safer place to everyone, and perhaps someday, my family will feel safe sending me alone in a car with a personal driver.”

Kevin Brinig on Creating Technology with a Heart:

Kevin“Modeling the real world with software is a really hard thing to do. We’re not just modeling human behavior or tendencies, we’re incorporating physical infrastructure challenges. To multiply these considerations, real people rely on these interactions with the technology to fulfill some of the most innately human desires like moving about or completing meaningful work. You cannot ask for more when it comes to making an impact with your skills and your time. ”

Christine Kim on Contributing to Innovation:

Chistine“With an open API, we are allowing developers to use Uber as a tool for whatever they want to build and that is incredibly exciting for me. Instead of keeping our riders and driver partners inside of our closed app/system, we’ve made a bold decision to unlock access. For the first time, users can take an Uber within other applications—without ever opening the Uber app. It’s a super visible example of our open and progressive approach in bringing change to transportation”

Learn more about the many people behind our company and the problems that we’re working to solve. We invite you to apply for a position today and join us in our mission of transportation as reliable as running water, everywhere and for everyone.