Since launching in Christchurch, we’ve been blown away by the support and love of the rider and driver communities using Uber.

We wanted to get to know partner-drivers and riders better, so we asked some of them to tell us more about themselves. Here are some of the things that we learnt:

  • 41% of driver-partners list the primary reason that they partner with Uber is to ‘fill up free time’ or ‘socialise with riders’, while 59% are motivated for financial reasons – to support their family or studies, pay off debt or save towards a goal.
  • Only 12.5% of partner-drivers drive using the Uber App as their sole way of earning money. The majority have a full time (45%) or part time job (29%), and use Uber to supplement their income.
  • More than 75% wouldn’t have considered driving passengers as a way of earning money if they didn’t partner with Uber.

But rather than us talk about the impact we’ve had, hear what our partner-drivers and riders have to say:


It is an exciting way to meet new and interesting people, hear their stories and tell my own ones. Also it is a great way to get to know my local city. – Daniel

I love the “entertainment factor” of driving. People are hilarious and you learn a lot about them and what’s going on around town. – Matt

My favourite part about Uber is being able to log on and off when needed. The flexibility of being able to work when I want is great. – Max

My favourite part about Uber is meeting lots of different people. – Lesley

The best part about partnering with Uber is experiencing the joy of those riders who are so over the moon that Uber has come to Christchurch – Kieran


When the people who picked you up act as long time friends just chatting about anything making you feel comfortable. The whole process is very casual and affordable. – Justin

I find the drivers lovely, and it’s a great way to get a ride at short notice. – Karen

The best part for me has been making new friends with drivers and connecting with people I wouldn’t have otherwise. – Sean

I love that the drivers are friendly and it’s great that you can see how far away the Uber car is. – Alesha