Every day hundreds of local restaurants in Auckland partner with Uber Eats to feature dishes on their menus that celebrate what bees are most famous for – honey. 

Manuka smoked bacon, honey crumpets and honey-soy chicken salads are obvious favourites but given the humble bee is responsible for pollinating almost a third of the foods we eat, the importance of these flying legends cannot be underestimated.

New Zealanders have led the way, creating plentiful hives in urban areas but there’s increasing evidence to suggest more flowers in the suburbs are needed to create pollinating pit-stops for the bees, en route to rooftop hives. 

Today we’re announcing Uber Eats is linking honey-loving local restaurants in Auckland with beekeeper experts Bees Up Top to install beehives at Boy & Bird, Happy Boy, Bowl & Arrow and Moustache Milk & Cookie Bar and we’re helping these restaurant partners get more seeds into the community so Aucklanders will also be able to plant their own ‘bee buffet’ in their gardens at home.

These restaurants are already famous for honey-based bites and they will now have a steady supply, thanks to a rooftop beekeeping operation for the next 12 months with all the honey produced in the hives flowing back to the restaurants – reducing the cost of a key ingredient and making it easier for restaurants to sustainably source ingredients.

Aucklanders can get their hands on 300ml jars of homegrown honey and the sachet of seeds exclusively at these restaurants on the Uber Eats app for $13. Look for the 🐝 emoji next to these restaurants on the app to purchase your honey and search for specially curated honey dishes available directly by searching Boy & Bird, Happy Boy, Bowl and Arrow and Moustache Milk and Cookie Bar.

While Uber’s platform is always here to get people and products  from A to B across Aotearoa, we’ll only be getting you from A to Bee for a limited time – so get buzzing while stocks last because that amber nectar won’t last long.