Artificial intelligence plays an important role in helping Uber change the way the world moves and eats.

That’s why we’ve created the Uber AI Residency – a year-long program designed for recent graduates, young professionals looking to reinforce their AI skills, and those interested in becoming an AI researcher at Uber. In the program’s second year, Uber New Zealand is calling on local talent to put their hands up to advance their careers in machine learning research and practice.

This year’s residency will focus on Uber’s self-driving cars project through Uber Advanced Technology Group (ATG). AI enables our self-driving vehicles to perceive the surrounding environment using multiple sensors, predict the motion and intent of people in and around the car, and plan safe manoeuvres. This makes it one of the most ambitious AI applications at Uber. More importantly, this technology has the potential to both make our roads safer and to make transport more affordable for everyone. 

Residents in the program will have the flexibility to pursue a range of different directions in research and application, working directly with a distinguished group of researchers and engineers within Uber’s Advanced Technology Group (ATG) in either San Francisco or Toronto. For instance, our 2019 residency class is currently working on foundational research projects in probabilistic modeling, deep learning, and reinforcement learning, as well as computer vision. 

Applications are open until January 19, 2020. You can read more about the program here and applications are open here