As we all look forward to some well deserved celebrations and downtime over the festive period, many Uber driver-partners will be out on the road to help Kiwis safely get from A to B.

Whether you’re heading to a family party, to the beach for some summer sun, or simply want to have a drink and leave the car at home, it’s important to keep safe, be responsible and respectful to one another. 

We appreciate your patience as we move into our busiest season of the year, and encourage you to follow these simple steps to prioritise your safety when riding on the Uber app.

Tip 1: Keep COVID safe

The safety and wellbeing of everyone using the Uber app is a top priority. Before every trip, we’re asking riders and driver-partners to acknowledge their part in limiting the spread of COVID-19.

If masks are required in your area, you will be prompted to confirm you are wearing a mask before your trip. You will also be reminded to take the necessary precautions to limit transmission, such as sanitising your hands. Try to adhere to physical distancing by sitting in the back of the vehicle, and opening the window for ventilation where possible. 

Before every driver-partner goes online for the day, they are asked to complete a COVID-19 safety checklist, and our Face Cover Check technology periodically prompts them to take a selfie to ensure they’re wearing a mask. We also provide regular communications to driver-partners to keep them across the latest public health advice and guidelines in their area.

Please remember to scan the driver-partner’s QR code into your public health app at the start of the trip. This, as well as the Uber app GPS trip tracking, is helpful in supporting public health agencies with contact tracing. 

Tip 2: Verify your ride

When the driver-partner arrives, try to find a safe pick up zone where they can easily pull in, keeping an eye out for oncoming traffic, cyclists, motorbikes and other pedestrians. If you need to communicate your pick up spot to the driver-partner, you can use the anonymised messaging and calling feature in the app.

Make sure you Check Your Ride details before getting into the vehicle. Double check the car make and model, licence plate and the driver-partner’s photo in the app.

You can also opt into our Verify My Ride safety feature, which uses a four-digit manual pin code to verify that it’s your ride.  If someone is claiming to be your driver but the details don’t stack up- be sure to report it to Uber or your local authorities right away.

Tip 3: Use the safety features available

Our in app Safety Toolkit is designed to support your safety before, during and after every ride. For added peace of mind or if you’re just running late, you can share your live location with a loved one via the Share My Trip feature.

In the unlikely event of an accident or an emergency during your trip, you can connect with emergency services via the in-app Emergency Assistance button. We also have a RideCheck feature which detects when something may have gone wrong, such as an unexpected long stop or emergency, and will send an in-app prompt to confirm you’re okay.  Remember, our customer support team is available 24/7 and there to help when you need it. Simply tap ‘Help’ in the app or visit 

Tip 4: Share your feedback

Feedback is integral to the Uber platform as it allows us to pinpoint issues and improve the experience for everyone. While 99.9% of Uber trips end without a safety related report, when an incident does occur we strongly encourage you to let us know, so we can take action. 

After your trip you can rate and share feedback on your driver for their information, and let us know whether they followed the safety standards. For non-emergency situations that make you feel uncomfortable during the trip, you can discreetly let us know via the On-Trip Reporting feature. This message goes directly to our safety agents, who will only read the feedback after the trip has ended. Any feedback we pass on to the driver-partner will be anonymised, and your privacy will be respected.

Tip 5: Choose kindness and ride respectfully

The holiday season is a time for kindness and understanding, especially after a challenging year for all. Please be polite to your driver and compassionate to those you may be travelling with. The vehicle you’re riding in is likely your driver’s personal car, so please treat it with respect. Our Community Guidelines outline what behaviour isn’t appropriate and we work to take action to hold users accountable for their behaviour.

During the busy holiday period, our support team is also doing their very best to support you with any issues you might be facing, and greatly appreciates your patience.

Thank you for riding with the Uber app this year and have a very happy holidays.