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How to make your next online event stand out

May 3, 2021 / New Zealand

The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically changed the way in which events operate. With in-person attendance still not an option for many, businesses have turned to online events as a way to share information while not risking the safety of anyone involved.

The rise of online events has been an extraordinary success. So much so that even now, as in-person events become a viable option once more, many businesses are opting to keep their events online or create a ‘hybrid’ model which provides both in-person and online options for attendees. In Australia, this has in part been due to the risk of snap lockdowns, as well as the ability to share event content with a larger audience.

For attendees, the benefits of online events are clear. The removal of travel time and the ability to enjoy high-quality content from the comfort of home has caused many to tune in to events that they would not have otherwise made time for.

But the continued popularity of online events has meant that the space is becoming increasingly crowded, as customers continue to receive invite after invite to webinars, virtual roundtables and any other virtual event.

This means marketers are now on the lookout for ways to ensure their virtual events stand out from the crowd.

While engaging content is always going to be a top priority for marketers when it comes to creating interest in an event, there are creative ways to set your event apart.


One way to create a more engaging event and boost attendance is through Uber Vouchers.

Uber Vouchers give businesses the ability to create a memorable online event, by covering the cost of a service they already trust.

It’s no secret that food and catering play a big role in enhancing the overall experience of an in-person event. So why not extend this to virtual events? Providing attendees with Uber Eats credit so they can order meals during the conference can help replicate this in-person experience and make attendees feel special.

A voucher might also be used as a way to surprise certain attendees (and keep engagement rates high) during a session or to encourage early registers.

As mentioned before, content plays a huge role in the overall success of an event. Marketers might think about thanking their speakers and VIPs with Uber Vouchers as part of a thank you package. This will not only make the speakers feel special, but it can also help create lasting relationships for the future.

Uber Vouchers are also a great way to thank the team that has put in all the hard work in terms of organising an event.

It also provides a way to further personalise the attendee’s experience during the virtual event. Sending the vouchers out with a personalised link is a sure fire way to make someone feel special. Alternatively, you can upload a CSV and get codes for the entire guest list.

For marketers, the implementation of Uber Vouchers can easily be added into the budget of an event. It is easy to control when and how attendees use the vouchers and the data can also provide insights into how successful the initiative was.

This also means you are only paying for what is used.

To find out more about how Uber Vouchers can help your next virtual event stand out, click here.