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How to create an event your attendees won’t forget

January 7 / New Zealand

As the pandemic continues across the globe, one of the industries that has been hit the hardest is the event industry. With in-person events coming to a halt, this $211 billion* industry has had to pivot to virtual and hybrid alternatives. 

Events are unpredictable—pandemic or not—and having the ability to adapt is key. Whether it’s moving an outdoor event indoors because of weather, or having to find a last-minute fill-in for your keynote speaker, you’re entrusted with the success of your events, and the show must go on. 

You’ve already shifted to a virtual platform, ramped up your breakout sessions to adjust for smaller virtual group sizes, and worked with your field marketing team to send swag to attendees at home. But what about the food? Typically, you’re booking event space and caterers for networking, breakout coffee sessions, and VIP dinners, but how do you now accommodate a global audience from the comfort of their homes? With Uber Eats, of course. 

As most events go, budgets and logistics have been mapped out for months—or, in some cases, years. Reallocating funds from receptions and dinners to providing meals for attendees at home can go a long way toward creating a memorable experience.  

Why Uber Eats?

Well-fed attendees are engaged attendees, and keeping them energised and excited is a great way to generate quality leads and pull off an event that will stand out from the rest. Available in more than 6,000 cities globally, Uber Eats gives attendees the ability to choose their own adventure. From the newest restaurant on the Uber Eats app to old faithful, whatever the case, they’ll be able to order a meal close to home and feel connected during your event. 

You can also provide Uber Eats to drive early registrations and live attendance. Offer an Uber Eats voucher to early registrants that they can redeem at the event. And don’t forget the speakers and sponsors: be sure to thank them for their time and the knowledge they’ve brought to the event. Cover their coffee order before their session, or take care of dinner for them and their family at the end of the day. 

Uber Eats is a versatile way to spice up your event. No matter how you implement it, you can be sure to create a lasting impression on attendees and speakers.

How to provide Uber Eats at your next event

With Uber Eats, you can keep the energy high at your next event by covering orders for both attendees and VIPs. Here are a few ways you can incorporate the gift of Uber Eats into your event:  

  • To start the day: Give attendees Uber Eats vouchers for their favourite breakfast item or coffee in the morning so that they’re ready and raring to go before the presentations start. 
  • During breakout sessions: Drive engagement during breakout sessions by offering an Uber Eats voucher or gift card to active participants. 
  • For the swag bag: Who doesn’t love free stuff? Send a digital Uber gift card as a swag item so that attendees can use it at their leisure. 
  • To treat VIPs: Say thanks to those who matter most to your business and offer them an Uber Eats gift card or voucher for exclusive virtual VIP dinners.

Vouchers and gift cards for Uber Eats allow you to offer meals to your attendees at any capacity. With Vouchers, you can keep costs low by setting time and budget constraints on your Uber for Business dashboard and only pay for what your recipients redeem. With gift cards, you can offer Uber Eats to recipients to use whenever they’d like for the full amount, as they would any other gift card. Whether it’s a cup of coffee or dinner for the whole family, you can easily meet the needs of your client by keeping their attendees engaged.

Vouchers are for any budget

Planning meals for a global audience can seem daunting, but by offering attendees a voucher to order a meal from their favourite local restaurant, you can avoid a lot of the guesswork. The Uber Eats app is currently available in 45 countries, giving your international attendees accessibility to orders close to home. 

Offering Uber Eats is an innovative way to create memorable moments at your next event. Whether you’re offering a voucher for everyone’s morning coffee or gift cards for a few lucky winners, attendees will be delighted to receive something a bit more personalised. 

Have an event coming up? Get started with Uber for Business. 

*US event market value in 2019, Allied Market Research, May 2020.