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Tips for a fast and smooth delivery handover

April 22, 2021 / New Zealand

A smoother delivery process means your food gets to your customers faster – which means happier delivery people, happier customers and potentially more repeat orders and recommendations. It’s a win-win-win!

Working well with delivery people is one of the key ingredients to being a top rated restaurant partner.

We want to help you make the most of your Uber Eats experience, so we spoke with top restaurant partners to get their tips/tricks on how to make the delivery process as smooth as possible for you and your staff, so that food gets to your customers as soon as possible.

5 tips for a fast and smooth delivery

1. Planning ahead for busy periods to minimise the time that delivery people are waiting at your restaurant

Avoid a build up of delivery people in and outside your restaurant during busy times to ensure that they get food to your customers right away by:

  • Setting realistic preparation times in app and adjusting if a longer/shorter time is needed
  • Use busy mode in the app to give your team more time to prepare orders
  • Only use manual ‘order ready for pickup’ button to call for a delivery person if the order is ready or being boxed up
2. Updating parking and pick up instructions in app

Ensure that delivery people know the best way to collect food from your restaurant by giving them clear instructions in the app.

3. Designating a pick up area in your restaurant and clearly sign post it

Make it easy for delivery people to know where you would like them to stand and pick up food by placing a sign in your restaurant to show them where to go. You can also provide instructions in app – e.g. Look for the green ‘pick up area’ sign on the left hand side of our restaurant.

4. Communicating clearly and politely with delivery people

Just as you would communicate clearly and politely with your staff, be sure to keep delivery people in the loop about when their order will be ready to take to your customer – especially when it’s delayed. Also, delivery people may appreciate being offered a glass of water or somewhere to sit while they wait.

5. Preparing and sealing your orders correctly to avoid spills or missing items

To help delivery people deliver your food to your customer exactly as you prepared it, there are some simple steps that you can follow for an easy pick up and delivery experience:

  • Add extra labels for orders with multiple bags, ex. “1 of 2” and “2 of 2”
  • Double-check that drinks are included when applicable
  • Take care to seal liquids such as soup using cling film or air tight containers
  • Seal bags with paper bag seals or sticky tape after the items have been checked (this helps to keep food even warmer too!)– here’s a link to them on our packaging portal
  • If an item is unavailable, list it as unavailable in Restaurant Manager
  • Call the customer if they’ve ordered an unavailable item

Join other successful restaurant partners in following these 5 top tips and enjoy a fast, easy and smooth delivery experience.

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