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How to safely drive or deliver without account sharing

October 13, 2022 / New Zealand

We are committed to keeping our users safe, which includes making sure that people who use our app are who they say they are. For this reason, account sharing (allowing other people to use your account) is not allowed when you use the Uber Driver app to drive or deliver.

Instances of account sharing may be in breach of our Community Guidelines, and may result in a review of your Uber account. Confirmed account sharing or repeated instances of potential account sharing may ultimately result in your access to the Uber Driver app being restricted.

If you have been reported for an account sharing issue, that means that either: 

  • A user you connected with on a recent trip has let us know that you looked like a different  person to the one in their app, or 
  • You recently took a photo using our Real Time ID Check that our system didn’t think looked like you, or which looked fraudulent.
To help support you in successfully using the Uber Driver app to drive or deliver, here is some information on how not to breach the Community Guidelines as it relates to account sharing 
  1. Keep your account details secure

To make sure that people don’t have access to your account, it’s a good idea to keep your account protected. 

Never let someone else accept requests through the Uber Driver app using your account, and make sure that you don’t tell anyone your Uber username or password. 

If you think that your account details might have been compromised, you should consider updating your login details here. It can also be a good idea to update your password once every few months just in case.

  1. If you provide ridesharing services using the Uber app – don’t bring a friend 

It’s important that your friends and family aren’t in the vehicle while you’re taking trips. Rideshare regulations may also require that no person be permitted to ride inside your vehicle on trips without the consent of your rider. 

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