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Getting your food there on time, every time, is important to us

October 11, 2021 / New Zealand

At Uber Eats, we’re committed to doing everything we can to continually improve your experience on our platform. The pandemic truly changed the landscape in Australia and New Zealand, and like the businesses we serve, we’re adapting every day to make sure we can still deliver the high-quality service you expect.

We know that sometimes things don’t always run as smoothly as we’d like. This is something we’re aware of, so we’re always listening to your concerns around customer satisfaction, wait times, cold food, wasted food and negative ratings.

These things impact your business, which is why we’re sharing the things we currently do to manage these situations.  
  • We’re there when things don’t go to plan: Our refund policy means that most of your customers’ bad experiences can be resolved. Here are some of the things that Uber Eats will generally cover for your customer, subject to our terms:
    • unacceptable wait times
    • cold food or food temperature issues
    • cancelled or undelivered orders you’ve started preparing
  • Covering you if an order goes undelivered: If your customer’s order goes undelivered, you will still be paid for that order. 
  • Messaging to customers if there are issues: If there are delays or issues in finding a delivery person, we let customers know that this is our responsibility.
  • Multi-order batching: This can help prevent congestion inside your restaurant and create a smoother experience, helping to  ensure there are enough delivery people available for all orders. Delivery people are notified when they’re picking up multiple orders, so they come prepared.
  • Keeping delivery people engaged: Uber Eats provides flexible earning opportunities for delivery people and we’re always working on new programs to ensure they are engaged. We’re also working on continuously bringing on additional delivery people to the platform to keep up with growing demand.  
  • Reducing zones to save food travel time: To ensure the best customer experience, a delivery zone might change distance so the food does not travel for too long.
  • Tightening zones during poor weather or high demand: During bad weather, more customers may want to eat at home, while fewer delivery people may be on the road. When this happens, your delivery zone adapts to help ensure delivery people are available to pick up and drop off your orders.

While we’re making adjustments at our end, here are some tips to help things on your side: 

Switch to Pickup

Your customers can now switch from delivery to pickup after their order has been placed if your restaurant is pick-up enabled. 

Whenever a customer chooses to switch to pickup, the Uber Eats Fee will be switched to the pickup Uber Eats Fee and the customer will not be charged any delivery or service fees. You will be updated about the switch to pickup on the orders app.

Activate Pickup >

Connect with Customers

By directly responding to reviews, you can help keep customers engaged and coming back for more. Just follow the steps below:

Start by clicking Reviews in the Feedback tab of Uber Eats Manager. You’ll see customer reviews, sorted by date along with details such as their order history.

Select the review you’d like to respond to. You’ll be notified via email, or notification in the Uber Eats Manager app, when new reviews appear and you’ll have 7 days to respond.

Your customer will be notified of your response. You can add a discount code for the customer to use at your restaurant in the future—this code expires after 30 days.

Creating great customer experiences is our passion. For Uber Eats, it’s all about keeping your customers happy – with food at their door, when they expect it. We’ll always be striving towards that goal.