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Uber CEO Dara enjoyed chatting to driver-partners

November 15, 2022 / New Zealand

We loved hearing about your experiences!

During Dara’s visit to Australia, he sat down with some of you, our awesome driver-partners and delivery people!

Aveek, Tiffany, Mel, Mostafa, Michaell and John shared their personal experiences of driving and delivering on the platform. They expressed their highs and lows when using the app, letting Dara know what it’s really like on the road!

The hour-long chat also allowed driver-partners to voice their thoughts on how the driving experience could improve, like making the GPS and location system more accurate. Dara listened to the pain points and also shared what was in store for the future.

Watch some of the highlights and what our Driver Partners had to say, including teaching Dara some Aussie slang!

Here are some of the highlights from the discussion:

Female safety:

The expansion plan of Uber:

GPS and app feedback:

Aussie Slang School:

App suggestions: