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Be one of the first to try Lewis Road Creamery’s delicious new Premium Ice Cream

February 4, 2016 / New Zealand

Lewis Road Creamery have done it again! Today, they have launched their new ice cream range across New Zealand.

Eager to get your hands on some before anyone else? Uber are exclusively delivering delectable Lewis Road to your doorstep from 2pm Wednesday 10th February in Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch. The best part? It won’t cost you a cent!


  1. Open your Uber app from 2pm on Wednesday 10th February
  2. Enter the promo code ‘LEWISROADLOVE’ in the promotions section to reveal the secret Lewis Road option
  3. If there is Lewis Road available near you, hit request and enjoy!

PRO TIP: Watch your driver head towards you on the map, once they get close, meet them on the street for a smooth delivery.

Demand will be high, so your patience is appreciated. We’ll do our best to deliver as many delectable treats as possible, but availability is limited! If you can’t get #LEWISROADLOVE today, make sure you keep an eye out on Friday when it hits the stores!


Download the app for your phone: IOSWINDOWSANDROID 

  1. Open the app and hit sign up.
  2. Enter your details to get our account set up
  3. Enter the promo code ‘LEWISROADLOVE’ when prompted
  4. Slide the bottom slider along to the right to see the special Lewis Road view
  5. Check the pin is near where you are, simply hit ‘REQUEST’ and watch your driver head towards you.
  6. Head to the street and look for the car type and number plate displayed in the app.
  7. Enjoy the Lewis Road’s latest edition!

PRO TIP: If you have an older phone, the Lewis Road view may not appear straight away. Don’t worry, you can refresh the app by closing out and then opening it up again.

Click on the map for an easy guide:




Q: What will I receive?
A: You will receive one 750ml tub of Lewis Road Creamery Premium Ice Cream in either Vanilla, Chocolate or Hokey Pokey.

Q: Can I choose my flavour?
A: As there is only a limited supply available, we cannot guarantee what flavour you will receive.

Q: Can I request more than once?
A: You can request as many times as you like, but we only have a limited supply, so once you have got some, please leave it for others.

Q: Can both new and existing users request Lewis Road?
A: Yes, Lewis Road is available for everyone with the Uber App!

Q: What parts of the city is it available?
A: Delivery will be available in the city and inner suburbs of Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch after 2pm.

Q: When will it be available in store?
A: Lewis Road Creamery Ice Cream will be available in stores around the country on Friday 12th February.