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Become a partner-driver? All Uber benefits at a glance

October 9, 2018 / Netherlands

Are you thinking about becoming an Uber partner-driver and want to know what’s in it for you? The answer: a lot! But to give you an idea, we’ve listed a few Uber partner-driver benefits below:

Determine your own working hours
Did you know that you can decide when you drive with Uber? This way you can easily combine work with other things in your life. So, if you’d prefer to accept rides at night, that’s no problem, because Uber is available 24 hours a day. When you’re ready to drive, all you’ve got to do is open the Uber driver app, click on and you can give your first ride. Flexible working at its finest!

No change, no hassle
Of course, it’s always nice to get extra appreciation from your passengers. Fortunately, it’s now also possible to receive tips via the Uber app. Riders are not obliged to give a tip, but you often only have to do a little extra to receive one. A smile and a friendly chat often work wonders. If riders want to give you a tip, they don’t have to carry cash. All payments and gratuities run via the app, so you no longer have to carry any change in your pocket.

Partner Protection
In cooperation with AXA, Uber offers the Partner Protection insurance program. This program is designed to offer Uber partner-drivers more peace of mind. The insurance, for example, protects you regarding serious illnesses, injuries and the demands of parenting. You don’t have to register; all eligible driver partners are automatically insured and there are no costs involved.

Uber Momentum Deals
How would you like to find affordable fuel with ease? The Uber driver app lets you know when there are petrol stations with low fuel prices in the neighbourhood, so you don’t have to worry about looking for them yourself. Moreover, your Uber-BP fuel card also benefits from other companies. Show your BP pass at Halfords and you will receive a 15% discount on car products. Do you want to get your tramline exemption to be able to drive UberBlack in Amsterdam? At Taxi Academy you get a 20% discount on your exemption. Make sure you request your fuel card quickly so you can benefit from our Momentum Deals.

The Uber driver app is a true partner on the road. For example, you don’t need a complicated map to find your way around, because as soon as the rider has entered their destination, the route is automatically displayed on your app. This way you only have to pay attention to the traffic! Also, in the app areas where there are more requests than normal are indicated, showing where you can pick up more potential passengers.

The app is continuously being improved in cooperation with partner-drivers because your opinion counts. Want to know more about Uber benefits or the app itself? Look for all functions and tips on our dedicated page.