Uber during King’s Day 2019

April 26, 2019 / Netherlands

Saturday the 27th of April the Netherlands is celebrating King’s Day. The canals will be flooded with boats and people, Malieveld in The Hague will be full of people and in Rotterdam everyone is hopping from festival to festival. Summarized, it’s going to get busy. Really busy.

That’s why we’ve collected some tips to get you as fast and safe as possible from A to B during King’s Day.

Tip 1: Closed off city centers

Parts of the city centers of Amsterdam, Utrecht and Eindhoven will be closed down. Check the images further down this blog for more detailed information. During King’s Day it’s more difficult for your driver to drive into town, we advise you to select a pickup location that is outside of the city center, so your driver can find you easily.

Tip 2: Contact your driver anonymously

Having trouble finding your driver? Or do you want to give your driver extra instructions regarding your pickup location? Via the option ‘contact’ you can easily contact your driver to discuss the details. When your Uber has arrived, don’t forget to check if the license plate of the car matches the one in the app. The app also shows the name and a picture of your driver, so you can check if you’re in the right car. 

Tip 3: Dynamic pricing

The app always provides you with a price estimate before you order. Rates too high? This can happen when the demand is high. The rates support with attracting more drivers to the area. Just relax and wait a moment, the crowds and the dynamic rate will reduce within a short time.

Adjustments in Amsterdam

Partypeople in Amsterdam: please be mindful that the city center is closed down for traffic, so order your Uber outside of the orange area.

Adjustments in Utrecht

The city center of Utrecht will also be closed down during King’s Day. When you order an Uber in the city center, you can choose from three pickup points where an Uber can pick you up:

  • Stadsschouwburg
  • Oudenoord
  • Mediamarkt / Smakkelaarsveld

See the image below to find the pickup points.

Adjustments in Eindhoven

During King’s Night and King’s Day there are four pickup points available for the visitors of Eindhoven. You can find them here:

  • Kennedyplein (North-side of the station)
  • Keizersgracht (across from the Hooghuis flat)
  • Hertog Hendrik van Brabantplein (Hertoghof)
  •  Nachtegaallaan (near De Laak)

The image below also shows the points where you can request an Uber in Eindhoven during King’s Night and King’s Day.

And finally, make sure your Uber app is up-to-date, that you’re logged in and that your PayPal account and creditcard are still valid. Ready to go!?

Don’t have any plans yet for King’s Day 2019? No worries, we’ve collected the best dance parties for you.

Have an unforgettable King’s Day!