Top locations for using Uber abroad

June 6, 2019 / Netherlands

Do you ever just want to get away from it all? To really, really get away? More and more people seem to be feeling that way, with the huge number of riders in the Netherlands taking international city trips. We get it – it is, after all, a super fun and easy way to get away from the everyday and discover new places.

Need some inspiration? These are just some destinations that are really worth visiting – and where we can help you get around.

Berlin – Germany

Berlin is a city of extreme contradictions: from night clubs such as Berghain to historical buildings and monuments of the Communist era, there is so much variety in this special city that one weekend probably isn’t enough for you to see it all. No matter – you can always come again, right?

Madrid – Spain

When you think of Spain, your mind may usually go to Barcelona – many of us have been at least once. If you’d like to return one day, then why not think instead of Madrid? The Spanish capital is most definitely worth a visit and has so much to offer, such as the world-famous Museo del Prado, the Real Madrid stadium and lots and lots of good food.

Gothenburg – Sweden

Do you know what hello is in Swedish? God dag. And goodbye? Adjö. That’s all you need to know for a city trip to Gothenburg, Sweden’s second-largest city. If you’re looking for a selfie tour, check out Trädgårdsföreningen City Park, or rent out a mountain bike to explore the landscape. Of course, you can always take a more lax approach – go on a relaxing boat trip or chill out in a bar at the Gothia Towers.

Travelling outside Europe?

If you already know Europe inside out, then these places might be for you:

Beirut – Lebanon

From first-class ski resorts and Mediterranean coastlines to some of the best club in the Middle-East, Beirut has something for everyone. Explore the hip neighborhoods of Mar Mikhael and Gemmayzeh for exceptional street art, strolling through narrow streets looking for cozy cafes and ancient architecture. A visit to the famous colored stairs is also a must.

Monterrey – Mexico

Mexico is a country to dream about: take Monterrey, a bustling and modern city with over a million inhabitants and plenty to do for an amazing city trip. Cycle to the nearby mountains, take a jeep tour through the desert or grab an Uber ride to explore all of its local attractions, from the central Marco Plaza to the Metropolitan Museum.

Taipei – Taiwan

This city is a bit of a mix of Tokyo, Beijing, San Francisco and even Berlin. Five cities in one! Two things you really shouldn’t miss: the view from the roof of the 101 Tower and a visit to one of the Creative Parks. Here, old, abandoned factories and warehouses have been transformed into creative breeding grounds full of hip shops, cozy cafés and lots of art.

Do any of these destinations sound good to you? Just don’t forget to bring your phone – unlikely as that may be. You can book trips easily and quickly with the Uber app in all these locations.

Bon voyage!