Driver Announcements

New tools to help keep you safe on the road

September 21, 2018 / Netherlands

Right there by your side

New tools in the Uber app help keep you safe when you partner with Uber. Find out how the new safety tools in your app help you stay connected and protected. If you haven’t updated to the new app yet, upgrade in the app store/play store.

Emergency? Get help fast

Emergency assistance is now in the app. If there’s ever an urgent situation during the trip, you can call local emergency services right from the app, wherever you are. Your location and trip information will be clearly visible to share with the emergency operator.

Share your trip details with one tap

It’s good to know that someone you trust knows where you are. Activate the Share Trip feature to send live location updates to your contacts. They will be able to see your location, trip status, and vehicle information. And for more peace of mind, it’s easy to activate this feature discreetly if something makes you feel nervous during a trip, or you’re going into an unfamiliar area.

Helping you stay at a safe speed

Keep yourself and your passengers safe and comfortable, and avoid costly speeding tickets with the new Speed Limit Alerts feature. By default, the app flashes visual reminders to help you drive at a safe speed. You can also customize the alerts you receive in the “Speed Limit” settings.

A helping hand

Partner Protection from AXA helps protect you from the cost of accidents or life events. This insurance is provided at no cost to all eligible independent driver partners.

24/7 support

Whether you have a quick question or an incident to report, it’s easy to get the help you need. Get support directly through the partner app, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.