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Our Door-to-Door Safety Standard

June 10, 2020 / Netherlands

Building on our commitment to your health and safety

We want to be sure you feel safe riding with Uber as our community starts moving again. That’s why we introduced a Door-to-Door Safety Standard, that brings together the power of leading experts, Uber’s technology, and the shared responsibility between us all.

Feel safe while riding with Uber

When is it mandatory for a passenger to wear a face mask?

  • Single rider: when traveling alone, a face mask is not legally required
  • Multiple riders: when travelling together with other people, all passengers are obliged to wear a face mask at all times and throughout the entire journey. This also applies if you are from the same household. If multiple passengers try to take a trip without a face mask, the driver is allowed to cancel the trip.

Note: do you have a medical condition that prevents you from wearing a mouth mask? Then you may travel without a face mask as long as you can prove it.

No mandatory face masks for drivers

Drivers do not have to wear a face mask if a partition is present in a taxi and there are no passengers sitting in the front.

All cars active on the Uber platform have mandatory partitions installed in the car between the front and backseats to help protect passengers and drivers. And passengers are not allowed to sit in the front.

Drivers do have access to high quality Personal Protection Equipment (i.e. free masks and sanitizers) for their trips in case they choose to wear a face mask.

To help prevent the spread of infection, we recommend riders to sit in the backseat to leave more space between you and your driver.

Ready to Ride Safety Checklist

Every time you ride, you must confirm that you’ve taken specific safety steps, including cleaning your hands and that you don’t have COVID-19 symptoms. Drivers are also required to complete a similar checklist.

We recommend drivers that they clean their vehicles regularly throughout the day.

Ride Safety Feedback

Asking you to rate your ride isn’t new, but you’ll now be able to leave feedback on health and cleanliness issues. This helps us improve.

As the world continues to change, we’ll continue working hard to change with it. Thank you for helping to keep your community safe,

The Uber Team