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A Guide to your Ride: What is Uber X?

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From its humble beginnings in San Francisco, our UberX service today has travelled all over the world. Whether it’s speeding from Ikeja to Lagos Island, or rolling around central Paris and London, UberX has now made its mark in over 500 cities in 60 countries. But how well do you know our flagship ride? Maybe it’s time to get a little better acquainted with the car that started it all…

Low cost, high quality

The main idea behind Uber was to be able get an affordable ride from your phone wherever you are. That’s why everywhere we go, UberX will be always be there as a low-cost option which still provides a quality service a cut above the rest. The quality baseline for the UberX ride is seats for at least 4 passengers, a radio you can choose the music on and air conditioning.

Modern Models

When it comes to UberX, not just any car will do. We ensure that drivers on our service only hit the road in quality cars. In Lagos and Abuja, UberX cars are typically comfortable four door sedans from leading car manufacturers, with no model being older than the 2000s. The price might be low, but that doesn’t mean we’ll skimp on the quality of our cars.

Ensured Safety

Even if offering an affordable ride anywhere is our main mission, safety is something we never compromise on. To ensure rider safety, we run a background check on all our drivers and their vehicles before getting them on the road. When you get in a ride, you can be sure that your driver can be trusted and the car itself is safe.

So, how does UberX sound now? In Nigeria, UberX has been serving riders for more than 4 years: helping people get to work, meet up with their friends and much more. To many, it may just be a ride, but we think we’ve got something truly special on our hands. To UberX!