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December 2, 2016 / Nigeria

It’s that time of year when we feel like giving, but don’t always know how.

This Saturday, we’re using our technology to help Nigerians to give back to those in need. Simply tap a button, and watch as an UberGIVING driver-partner arrives at your doorstep to pick up your donations. Donating those much needed items has never been this quick and convenient!

What we’re collecting:

  • Childrens and adult clothing
  • General toiletries
  • Baby formula, nappies, baby food
  • Childrens toys
  • Bedding
  • Non-perishable food items

How can you make a difference?

It’s easy, here’s how you can take part in UberGIVING.

  • Open the Uber app between 9AM – 12PM on Saturday, 10 December
  • Swipe right and select UberGIVING
  • Request a ride as usual
  • A driver will arrive at your pick-up location to collect your donations

Important to note:

  • UberGIVING will run between 9am – 12pm on Saturday, 10 December 2016. Requests must be placed within those hours.
  • UberGIVING will be available in Lagos and Abuja.
  • There will be no charge to your account for requesting the UberGIVING service.
  • All donations must be bagged or boxed in order for drivers to accept your donation. If possible, please mark clearly what you are donating,
  • #UberGIVING will be in high demand so please be patient!

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