Rider Etiquette

January 8, 2015 / Nigeria

Happy 2015! The new year is a great time to redefine good habits and we want to bring those same good habits to your Uber rides. Feel free to adopt some of our Rider Pro Tips as New Years resolutions to ensure a 5 star experience from start to finish.

1. No one likes to be left waiting

Drivers are only permitted to wait 5 minutes after arriving at a pickup location to ensure there are plenty of Ubers available when you need it. But don’t worry, your driver will send a text or call once he has arrived.

While on a trip, if you need to make a stop before reaching your final destination alert your driver and he is allowed to wait up to 30 minutes between trips.

2. Cashless and convenient

Riding Uber means there’s no need for cash or to tip! When you get to your destination, you can simply hop out and be on your way. The credit/bank card associated with your account will be billed after each trip.

3. Update contact info

Whether you’re a Lagos resident or international visitor, it is important to update the phone number associated with your account so that your driver can reach you upon arrival to the pickup location.

You can update your account information both in the app and by signing in at

To update through the app:

1. Open the account menu by clicking the icon of a person in the top left corner of the app
2. Select Profile
3. Here you can change the email, phone number, name, or password associated with your account

To update through the Uber website:

1. Navigate to our website and sign in
2. Click on the Profile tab
3. Here you can change the name, email, password, country, language, or phone number associated with your account

4. Set your pickup location

GPS can be tricky sometimes, particularly indoors or in big cities. It is best to manually type in your address into the pickup location box, just in case the GPS doesn’t get it right.

5. Set your destination 

After setting your pickup location, enter your dropoff location in the destination box. This will allow your driver to get you where you need to go seamlessly (also reducing the chances of an inefficient route and getting lost along the way).

6. One Uber car = 4 passenger limit 

Have 4 passengers? Request uberX or UberBLACK. Have more than 4 passengers? Request a second uberX or UberBLACK.

Uber cars are not permitted to carry more than 4 passengers due to safety regulations.

Please note there will be a fee of N1,000 added for each additional passenger that exceeds the 4 passenger limit

7. Respect your Uber

What’s not allowed in the car:

  • Drinking
  • Eating
  • Smoking
  • Illegal substances (duh – it’s the law!)

There will be a cleaning fee of up to N7,500 for drinking/eating/smoking while in your Uber 

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