How to celebrate Easter in Nigeria

March 25 / Nigeria

Is it that time again already? Although Palm Sunday and the public holidays of Good Friday and Easter Sunday are falling quite late in April this year, Easter in Nigeria is very close. It’s a special time of year for celebration with family and friends. If you’re yet to make plans of your own, take inspiration from our line-up of ways to celebrate the holiday – and, of course, have a great Easter!

Celebrating Easter in Lagos

Whether you’re just coming from the other side of town or are flying into Murtala Muhammed International Airport at the start of the weekend, Uber can get you to mom’s right in time to start the celebrations.

Of course, you have to attend a service first thing on Easter Sunday, but then it’s time celebrate! Put on your best white clothes and take to the streets for music, dancing, food and festivity all around the city.

If you want to start the celebrations a little early, you can attend the Copa Christus for a winning of combination of soccer, music, comedy and spirit. Held on April 20th in the Campos mini stadium, this 8-team soccer tournament event features teams from churches and cathedrals around Lagos. The night will be interspersed with entertainment and culminates in a sermon and altar call.

Celebrating Easter

Laid-back leisure time

Whilst many look forward to the celebrations on Easter Sunday itself, the long weekend provides many opportunities to relax and spend some quality time with family and friends.

Freedom Park is a great place where for a relaxing family walk on the Easter weekend. Bring a picnic Once a prison, it’s beautiful gardens now serves as a memorial of past times – as well as great to stop for a picnic with your family. You can always stop in at one of neighboring restaurants for your Easter lunch instead, or you can even check out the amphitheater where live entertainment or a theatrical production if featured most weekends – perhaps you’ll even find an Easter Passion re-enactment?

If your Easter weekend is incomplete without some shopping, the place to be is Ikeja City Mall. The mall boasts an array of shops, as well as a movie house and even an ice rink for some daytime activities. Once it hits evening, there are plenty of restaurants where you can enjoy a long family dinner, like Rhapsody’s, where you can even stay till late after you’ve sent requested a ride to take the kids home with their grandparents.

Abuja’s Easter activities

For Abuja residents, there are plenty of ways to enjoy Easter weekend with family in and around the capital.

You can visit the Abuja Easter Fair, running from April 19th-21st for a traditional, family-oriented Easter celebration. Focused on the Christian commemoration of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, this annual event takes place at the Abuja Trade and Convention Center. Set in a marketplace atmosphere, you can expect a full weekend of Easter activity, with fun rides for the kids and an abundance of food stalls and places to eat, not to mention live music performances and comedy shows.

For quieter family outing this Easter weekend, request a ride to and spend the day wandering around our gorgeous number one park, Millennium Park. There’s no better time to enjoy it than on Easter weekend: take a nice long stroll around its greenery, gardens and fountains, then find a spot to unpack your picnic hamper and share some quality time with your loved ones.

Celebrating Easter

If you’re going to dedicate your Easter to the kids, you could really treat them and take a trip to Magicland. Of course, it’s rides are always fun for the young at heart as well – just make sure to check the opening times over the long weekend!

There’s a huge number and variety of activities and ways ensure a memorable weekend break this Easter. Take advantage of the fine weather and Uber in Nigeria to ensure your Easter weekend is the best it can be.