For this weekend only, you can ride with this beauty!

Introducing UberLIMO – that perfect option for you to impress the girl of your dreams this Valentine’s Day!


Here’s what you gotta do:

1. Download and open the Uber app.

2. Slide left to select the “UberLIMO” option, click on ‘Set Pickup Location’ and then click Request!

3. If there is an UberLIMO near your location, you’ll have a chance to experience being driven around like a true baller!




#PROtip: Demand will be off the charts, but don’t give up! Keep requesting for your chance to ride around town like a bawse!

Don’t forget to share your awesome moments in the UberLIMO by uploading your photos with the hashtag #UBERgaya !


1. The UberLIMO option will be available from now until Sunday midnight.
2. The fare for a ride in an UberLIMO will be RM4.50 per min.
3. Minimum charge of RM250 per trip.
4. Cancellation fee of RM250 applies.
5. Maximum of 10 people per ride.