We Keep KL Moving

At Uber – during certain busy hours, we’re so confident of high earnings that we’re willing to guarantee the hourly fares partners receive.

On Tier 1*, we’re guaranteeing partners fares of up to RM2,210 per week in conjunction with our nationwide fare adjustments.

How do you ensure you’re guaranteeing yourselves higher fares? Simple – collect RM600 or more in gross fares (before the Uber service fee deduction) to qualify for Tier 1 Hourly Guarantees.

Tier1 uberX KL Hrly Incentive 140116

But wait, what if I haven’t hit RM600 in fares?

There’s still great news for you – we now guarantee earnings of up to RM 1,866 on Tier 2, with guarantees of up to RM 20/Hr in the mornings! We’ve also extended the off-peak hourly guarantees of RM16 all the way up till 9PM Mon-Fri.

It’s now easier than ever to earn – so what better time to get on the roads than today.

* You can check your current weekly fares at any time by logging into your Partner Dashboard or by hitting “Earnings” in your Partner App.

Tier2 uberX KL Hrly Incentive 140116

Terms and Conditions

1) Accepting all trips during these hours (maintaining a minimum of 90% trip acceptance rate for the week)

2) Maintaining a weekly average driver rating of 4.3* and above

3) Completing a minimum of 0.75 trips per hour on average across all hours online during the week

4) Completing at least 1 trip per incentive block in which you are online (e.g. Monday 4pm-8pm)

5) Being online only in Core Service Areas (Mont Kiara, PJ, Golden Triangle, etc). Please see THIS MAP and ensure >75% of your online time is within this area.

6) uberX and uberXL fares both count towards the RM 600 threshold to qualify for top tier guarantee

7) Effective 18 Jan 2016 at midnight – this overrules all prior incentive announcements

 8) We reserve the right to take any and all necessary action in the event that we discover any suspicious or fraudulent activity

All incentive information, the way guarantees work and the calculations can be found HERE under the “Payments” tab. Information can be seen for all our products (uberX, uberXL or BLACK) and is kept up-to-date

 Need more help? Just reply to this email or visit our Partner Support Centre on Tuesdays, Thursdays or Saturdays. 

For emergencies, please reach our support number at 03-27253060. Please be mindful that this number is only for critical emergencies (accidents and safety incidents). Payment issues or other associated enquiries are still best resolved via or the PSC.

Good luck!