Airport Landing

This December, we’re giving a gift to all KL-ites by slashing the uberX flat rates from KL – KLIA and KL – KLIA2 from RM90 to RM75! This rate will be effective midnight, 9th Dec 2015 until 5th Jan 2016.

With uberX now being among the most cost-effective options to get to both KLIA and KLIA2 this holiday season, we’re confident that demand will be through the roof for both trips to and from the airport! And with the surge system, high demand translates into higher earnings – so your hourly earnings will be higher than they’ve ever been.




  1. It’s simple, for the duration of this promo, we’re waiving the Uber Service Fee (usually 20%) for all non-surge trips from the airport.
  2. On the previous scheme: RM90 – service fee of RM18 = total earnings RM72
  3. This Dec: RM75 – service fee of RM0* = total earnings RM75! That’s RM3 more than previously.
  4. With extra demand, there’s a high probability you’ll get a return trip from KLIA as well, so if you get a return trip, you could make up to RM150 (RM75 x 2) in just a couple of hours.

*We return the full Uber service fee of 20% for all non-surged airport trips (KLIA1 and KLIA2). You’ll see the fee return in your payment statement on Tuesday morning.