Food aficionados city-wide, the countdown to the premiere of MasterChef Asia is nearly over! As you get together to watch Asia’s top home cooks battle it out for the ultimate title to be Asia’s first MasterChef winner, we want to make sure you don’t need to spend your evening battling your way through the kitchen!

Sit back, relax and fire up the app, this Thursday, 3rd September, from 7.30pm, as Lifetime serves you a dinner worthy of any true foodie in just minutes – and this is at no cost to you!


Lifetime has teamed up with to curate a special dinner menu just for you and your family to tuck in to as you all enjoy the premiere of #MasterChefAsia together, at 9pm, on Lifetime. Each order includes 4 different meals for your enjoyment – enough to feed up to 4 people.

Mesclun Salad with Cherry Tomato & Edamame.

Assorted mixed greens and a rainbow of fresh vegetables: cherry tomato, yellow capsicum, carrot, cucumber and edamame, drizzled with a ginger and sesame vinaigrette.

Coriander Cashew Pesto Pasta with Grilled Chicken.

Penne pasta tossed in coriander and cashew pesto with rocket, juicy cherry tomato, and topped with grilled chicken breast tenders (caution: contains nuts).

Aromatic Thai Green Curry with Chicken and Brown Rice.

Mildly spicy Thai green curry with chunks of chicken, eggplant, red capsicum, peas and pineapple, served with brown rice.

Chicken Stroganoff with Mushrooms, Snap Peas, and Brown Rice.

Creamy chicken stroganoff slow-cooked for three hours with white button mushroom, green capsicum and snap peas, served with brown rice.

Ordering your On-Demand dinner is as easy as requesting your ride:

    1. Open your Uber app on Sep 3rd, from 7:30pm onwards,
    2. Slide right to the ‘MasterChef Asia’ option that appears in the app, and request for your meal
    3. Your Uber will arrive at your door in minutes to deliver your delicious meal for  – right in time for the 9:00pm MasterChef Asia premier on Lifetime.
    4. Demand will be sky-high, so move fast.
    5. We’ll pick up the bill for dinner, and throw in a sweet surprise just for you!
    6. Show us how you dined while watching MasterChef Asia by tagging #MasterChefAsia and #uberDINNER

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