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Celebrating Sarawak

July 18, 2017 / Kuching

Sarawak Day celebrates the establishment of self-government in this beautiful state. We’re sure each and every Sarawakian is incredibly proud of their home state, and nothing unites people more than the local delicacies.

To celebrate, we want to take you on a little food tour of the local dishes, but you can try them all for yourselves too! Just use the promo code SARAWAKDAY to Uber to your favourite meal this weekend.

Our first stop is the Manok Pansoh, which hails from Iban and Bidayuh origins. Usually a companion for Gawai celebrations, this unique chicken dish is combined with tapioca leaves and lemongrass before being grilled inside a bamboo. The time over the open fire produces a sweet chicken broth.

Manok Pansoh can be found in LEPAU Restaurant (Kuching).

Image Credit: Hungry Forever

Next, we’re stopping for Umai, the Sarawakian ceviche, that’s a  staple among the local fishermen. This Melanau favourite is made of slices raw tenggiri, then cured in onion, chilli, salt and calamansi juice. This tangy medley is then eaten with roasted sago.

Umai can be found in Basaga (Kuching).

Image Credit: MyRokan

Our last stop explores the Nuba Laya. Famed for the superiority of their grain, this  Kelabit dish is traditionally made with home-harvested rice. To create this, hot crushed rice is hand wrapped in a daun itip, to sweeten the flavour of the rice. Nuba Laya is the star of most Kelabit meals and is paired with other Kelabit lauk pauk.

Nuba Laya can be found in The Summit (Miri).

Image Credit: Project Whee!

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