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#MyUberHero Winners – Week 1!

May 11, 2016 / Johor Bahru

Over the last week we’ve received so many amazing stories with both partners and riders relating their #MyUberHero experiences. We had a lot to get through, but we’ve finally selected our first winner!

Congratulations Felix, from Penang – the story that David submitted truly showed your commitment to go above and beyond when needed!

David’s story:

“My family ran into some immigration issues at the Penang airport due to a technical error with my newborn daughters passport. We were told that we needed to immediately go to immigration over in Butterworth. I requested an Uber and Felix showed up. He drove us over the bridge to immigration, along the way calling his friends to make sure that we would make it in time and setting up contingency plans just in case we didn’t. He waited for us while we processed the required documents, afterwards taking us back to the airport. Because of the nature of our visit to Penang we had very few people to contact for help. Felix showed up and made a very difficult and stressful situation a little easier. Thanks, Felix and Uber!”


Our next story is about Soo, from KL – Taneeya really appreciated your support and decided to share her story with us!

Taneeya’s story:

“Soo was my heroine on a distressful day. I had my fairly new car towed by DBKL for the first time to a new depot in Sentul which was new to both me and Soo. However, she managed to find our way, waited for me to do the necessary process at the depot and even volunteered to take me to the bank to withdraw money as I did not have enough for the amount required and waited to take me right back to the depot to complete the process. If that was not more than enough, most importantly, Soo consoled and comforted me and was a true companion who turned my frown upside down into a smile. It’s people like this that give humanity hope in this day and age where kindness are far and in between. Soo truly was my #MyUberHero on that day.”


Remember you can keep submitting your #MyUberHero stories here. If you’re a partner driver, we’d love to hear from you too, please submit your stories here!