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Engineering Uber’s On-Call Dashboard

November 2, 2017 / Global
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Figure 2: On-Call Dashboard’s built-in response actions map the relationship between an on-call team (such as Traceability) and the services they own.
Figure 3: Through built-in response actions, On-Call Dashboard enables engineers to assign alerts to relevant teams that can address them via a dialog for the manual creation of new alerts.
Figure 5: Uber Engineering came up with an SNR survey that uses an annotation input form to tag alerts.
Figure 6: A typical statistics snippet from an on-call shift report is conveyed via the On-Call Dashboard.
Figure 8: The On-Call Dashboard measures shift load and on-call quality through a combination of metrics that track shift activity.
Figure 7: On-Call Dashboard displays an alert count score as a function of the number of alerts during an on-call engineer’s shift.
Figure 9: An alert timeline depicts all alerts that occurred during a given shift for the selected team.
Figure 10: On-Call Dashboard’s suite of visualizations can map on-call metrics depending on SNR score, including this one indicating the median of high urgency alerts per shift per week in the United States and Europe.
Figure 11: Another On-Call Dashboard analytics visualization depicts the “loudest” services during a given week.
Figure 12: On-Call Dashboard’s analytics visualizations can also portray the number of alerts that are accurate vs. inaccurate (false positive) based on SNR surveys.
Figure 13: And finally, On-Call Dashboard’s analytics highlight which services lack the runbooks, indicating low-quality shifts for the engineers assigned to them.
Figure 14: On-Call Dashboard enabled Schemaless engineers to more accurately monitor alerts.
Edvinas Vyzas

Edvinas Vyzas

Edvinas Vyzas is an engineering manager on Uber's Observability Engineering team.

Marijonas Petrauskas

Marijonas Petrauskas

Matrijonas Patrauskas is a senior software engineer on Uber's Compute Platform team.

Posted by Vytautas Saltenis, Edvinas Vyzas, Marijonas Petrauskas