How uberPOOL earnings work

How are my uberPOOL earnings calculated?

Earnings are calculated based on the time and distance from when the first rider is picked up to when the last rider is dropped off. The surge or Boost in effect when you first accept the trip will apply to the entire trip until the last rider is dropped off. You’ll also earn a flat pickup fare for each additional pickup stop after the first pickup.

Sample trip:

In the example below, the total distance covered from picking up the first rider to dropping off the last rider is 5 miles and the trip took 30 minutes. Your total fare will be based on this entire distance and time plus any applicable surge or Boost. You’ll also earn a flat pickup fare at pickups 2 and 3.


How are my earnings related to what a rider pays for an uberPOOL trip?

Your earnings are calculated based on fixed per-minute, per-mile rates for the actual time and distance you travel. That means you’ll earn money at fixed rates for the entire time you have a rider in the car on an uberPOOL trip.

Riders agree to a fare that’s calculated in advance. The rider’s fare takes into account all of the factors that typically affect the price of a trip, including the length of the journey, demand for rides, expected traffic, and for uberPOOL, the likelihood of matching with another rider.

What happens if I only have one rider during an uberPOOL trip?

Because your fare isn’t dependent on what the rider pays, you’ll always earn the time, distance, base fare, and any applicable surge or Boost for the entire duration of the trip.

If there is traffic, and the trip is longer than expected, do I still receive payment for the extra time I spent on the trip?

Yes, you are paid for all of the time you spend on a trip. Even though riders pay an upfront fare, your earnings are calculated based on the actual time and distance you travel plus applicable surge and Boost.

Will I be paid for the time I spend waiting for my riders on an uberPOOL trip?

On uberPOOL trips, you are paid starting from when the first rider enters your car to when the last rider leaves. If you have an uberPOOL rider in your car and spend time waiting for another rider once you arrive at their pickup location, you will always be paid for this time.

If an uberPOOL rider doesn’t show up after I wait 2 minutes, will I always collect the cancellation fee?

Yes, if you’ve waited 2 minutes and the rider still isn’t there, simply cancel the trip and collect a no-show fee.

Where can I find my uberPOOL rates, including my pickup fares for additional stops?

Visit to find your exact rates for all types of trips, including uberPOOL.

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