We have tripled the area served by our grocery delivery service so residents can access supplies such as fresh fruits, vegetables, dairy products, poultry, rice, grains, pulses, tea, coffee etc at their doorstep and help Sri Lanka roll back COVID.

The demand for groceries on Uber Eats has doubled over the past year as more and more Sri Lankans are restricting travel and prefer the safety of their own homes.

Over the past year, the number of grocery partners choosing Uber Eats as their platform partner has almost tripled, with many recording strong sales growth. 

It is heartening to see many stakeholders come together during these times and help Sri Lankans slow the spread of the pandemic. We’re proud to have played our role in this collective effort and will continue to grow our grocery delivery service to support our communities and the country in this hour of need.

We’re also proud to be able to support courier partners on the platform by providing them earning opportunities during challenging economic times. We’ve worked tirelessly to ensure courier partners had curfew passes during the lockdown, so they could continue earning through the platform and support themselves financially. 

Commenting on the opportunity to serve the people of the country, Chelan Goonetilleke from Groceries by Governor said, “It has been one year since we came on board Uber Eats and I am happy to say that it is an absolutely fantastic platform to reach a large number of consumers. Especially during these troubling times, Uber Eats has been able to cater to countless individuals who are unable to step out of their homes. This was timely for us at Groceries by The Governor, as it offered an opportunity to provide at least 80% of the essential needs to our customers, reducing their risk and exposure to the pandemic. We have sustained a magnificent business growth during the last year, thanks to both Uber Eats and of course our valuable customers. With the recent launch of our second outlet in Hokandara and our soon-to-be opened outlet in Kelaniya, we are certain that we will be able to serve our customers throughout Colombo and its suburbs with some of the finest products with just a tap on the phone.”

We continue to follow the highest safety standards on the platform and have trained courier partners to follow WHO and the Ministry of Health guidelines while making deliveries. 

We pioneered the concept of organised food delivery in Sri Lanka way back in 2018, and have since seen residents get more comfortable with the idea of having cooked meals and groceries delivered to their doorstep.