The recent lockdowns and ensuing food shortages have made the urban hunger situation in Sri Lanka worse. And we understand the importance of ensuring the poor and the underserved are well supplied with food during these challenging times.

In continuation of our efforts to support our communities, we have partnered with a local NGO Voice for Voiceless Foundation to donate dry grocery kits worth LKR 6 Million to some of the most underserved communities.

These kits contain daily essentials including rice, sugar, wheat, pulses and tea leaves. They will be delivered to daily wage earners, low-income families, estate workers, single mothers, and other vulnerable communities affected by the pandemic. Together with Voice for Voiceless Foundation we will prioritise donating these kits in every province of Sri Lanka, including remote areas with restricted or no access to essential supplies. 

This drive comes on the back of multiple other initiatives rolled out by us recently to support Sri Lanka’s vaccination drive. We partnered with the Ministry of Health and the Sri Lanka Red Cross Society to offer a total of 100,000 free rides to frontline healthcare workers, vulnerable communities, senior citizens and the general population. We also partnered with UNESCO and the Ministry of Education to provide 25,000 free rides to teachers and other school staff to ensure transportation is not a barrier to getting vaccinated. 

Speaking about this initiative, Moses Akash, National Director, Voice for Voiceless Foundation said, We are delighted and grateful to partner with Uber Sri Lanka once again! Our partnership ensures that thousands of some of the worst impacted and underserved communities will have access to food supplies and daily essentials.  Uber’s generous support ensures we can focus on the primary act of serving our people in need, in these challenging times.”

At Uber, communities matter to us and we are thrilled to join forces with the Voice for Voiceless and be a small part of the solution by supporting vulnerable communities in these trying times.”

Last year too, in partnership with the Government of Sri Lanka and the Voice for Voiceless Foundation, we distributed LKR 8.5 million worth of dry groceries across Sri Lanka to support low-income communities impacted by the pandemic.