We have just taken a look at how you all order on Uber Eats in Sri Lanka and discovered a few quirky instructions: “No cow’s milk” in a salad was one of them. 

There are several others in the Sri Lankan chapter of The Uber Eats Cravings Report 2020, a snapshot of the country’s favourite cravings and the most popular binge-worthy dishes. 

Our analysis of orders between June 2019 to June 2020, revealed that ‘Extra ketchup’ topped the charts as the most popular food delivery request by Sri Lankans, followed by a demand for preparations to be made spicy. 

It also turns out that Sri Lankans remained impeccably polite, as nearly half of all instructions included the word ‘please’. 

The recent lockdown brought about a host of changes in ordering trends. The lack of an option to go out, meant birthdays were celebrated at home. We saw ‘birthday’ requests featuring repeatedly in placed orders and are of course, over the moon that we assisted in making your birthdays special. 

It was a closely contested battle among Chicken Fried Rice, Chicken Biryani, and Nasi Goreng, as the ‘most ordered dish’, but we know now that you prefer your own Sri Lankan rendition of fried rice over biryani or the Indonesian rice preparation. 

Sri Lanka’s Top 5 food requests:

Extra ketchup
More spice 
No onions
Extra cheese
Extra fish gravy

The Most Popular Dishes by City

City Dish

1- Chicken Fried Rice 

2- Chicken Biryani

3- Nasi Goreng


1- Nasi Goreng

2- Chicken Fried Rice

3- Chicken Kottu

The Most Ordered Desserts, Beverages and Snacks 

Order Top Cravings of Sri Lanka
Dessert Chocolate Roll, Tres Leches Cake, Brownies
Beverage Iced Coffee, Milk, Avocado Juice
Snack Achcharu, Ulundhu Vadhai, Bacon & Egg Pastry

So we now know that you love your food extra spicy, extra cheesy, and extra saucy. No matter what your cravings are, Uber Eats aims to deliver your order the way you love it.