Uber for Business

New and improved reporting

November 29, 2018 / Global

Reporting CSVs are changing, giving you better visibility into your Uber for Business activity and spend.

In this video, Uber for Business product manager Laura Yang walks through the upcoming CSV changes for admins.

Based on feedback from our customers, we’re making updates to the reporting CSVs (Comma Separated Value files) to give you better visibility into your Uber for Business transactions, making reconciliation and reporting easier.

View an example of the new reporting CSV that you can use to configure your reconciliation and reporting systems (using the file named after the language your organization’s account uses).

What’s changing?

  • Transaction type
  • Transaction breakdown
  • Service fee per trip
  • Service fee total
  • Currency conversion
  • Timestamps
  • Payment method

How to get your report

Your report is emailed monthly. You can view and download historical monthly reports in the Billing and Activity tabs of your account dashboard.