Ensuring reliability, affordability and economic mobility in Colombo

April 7, 2017 / Colombo

Every Uber city is different. For over a year, we’ve served the city of Colombo alongside our driver-partners, and we’ve learned a lot about the choices riders make, and how those choices impact earnings for driver-partners.

In 2016, we went from moving hundreds of people to thousands. As the number of people who choose Uber continues to grow, it is exciting to see how we’re serving each neighbourhood in Colombo with a greater degree of reliability – with every passing month.

As Uber continues to grow in Sri Lanka, we want to ensure that it continues to be a high-quality platform that seamlessly connects riders to affordable transportation, and drivers to viable economic opportunities. After all, Uber works well when it works for both riders and driver-partners.

To align closer with these goals, we’re rolling out a minor adjustment to our fares on uberGO only, with effect from midnight, 07th April 2017. While this increase takes effect, Uber still remains the most affordable and reliable ride in Colombo.


Base Fare

Distance [per KM] – up to 10km

Distance [per KM] – after 10km

Per Minute

Cancellation Fee

uberGO Rs.50 Rs.30 Rs.42 Rs.4 Rs.42

With upfront pricing in the app, you will always know exactly how much you need to pay before you take a ride – this way, you get to decide what’s best for you and your budget.