Together, let’s Move Forward!

September 22, 2016 / Colombo

Each day, at Uber, is made up of millions of micro-stories that are being shared on the streets, during your ride. Stories of empowerment, of dignity, of effort, of dreams and of achievements. We hear them when a rider writes in to us about reaching on time for his interview. We hear them when a driver-partner sends us a thank you note written by his daughter. Today, as they move forward in their life, we wish to celebrate their stories, because that’s what we’re made of and that’s what makes us Uber!

With real life anecdotes, this series uncovers delightful ways in which people experience the Uber brand. It aims to celebrate the zeal of partners and riders who set forth to achieve their goals and reassure them that in this journey, Uber will play a supporting role.

Here is a story from India, of drive-partner Shankar:

Do you have an interesting story from your Uber ride? Share it with us using #UberFiveStar and we’ll reach out to the top driver-partners and reward them.