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Let’s Move What Matters

May 6 / Kenya

A month ago, everything changed. The world turned upside down. A company that moves people is asking you not to move. 

In this critical time, stopping is the only way forward. However, essential and healthcare workers are still in motion. Uber has made a global commitment to help move these workers to the frontline, by giving away 10 million free rides and deliveries globally. 

 In Kenya, we have set up a number of initiatives that will help us move what matters and assist communities impacted by the effects of COVID-19

We have partnered with The Nairobi Hospital and Gertrude’s Hospital to ensure their frontline & healthcare workers have a reliable and efficient way of getting to and from where they are needed. Uber will be providing discounted trips to hundreds of healthcare workers at Nairobi Hospital and Gertrude’s Hospital during this crisis as we ensure that we are moving what matters.

Partnership with the Ministry of Health
We have partnered with The Ministry of Health to provide free trips to essential workers at The COVID-19 national task force command center who are at the forefront of all COVID-19 coordination efforts in Kenya.
Through these partnerships, medical professionals and employees of the task force will benefit from free or discounted rides whether it’s to regular medical appointments or the various task force centers, ensuring they have one less thing to worry about.  
While we support the needs of our local healthcare system and our communities, we are also enabling our drivers to follow the government’s safety precaution guidelines, and equipping them with the right personal protection. 
Stay home, and with drivers and delivery people, we’ll help #movewhatmatters. Together we can get through this.