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Introducing Chapchap Share in Nairobi

October 19 / Kenya

Chapchap Share has launched in your city! Here are answers to questions you might have. 

What is UberX Share?

Chapchap Share is a new ride option that allows riders heading in a similar direction to share a ride if we find them a match.

Can I opt-out of Chapchap Share?

Drivers cannot opt out of receiving Chapchap Share trip requests while they are receiving Chapchap requests. However, when you receive a request, the offer card will let you know it’s a “Chapchap Share” trip, and you can choose to decline it as usual. 

What are the operating times and areas for Chapchap Share?

There are no service area restrictions for Chapchap Share, but operating hours will currently be 05:00-18:00.

Why is Chapchap Share being launched?

Affordable shared rides can mean more riders using the app, which can lead to more trips, less downtime, and more overall earnings for you.

Fares with Chapchap Share

How do earnings with Chapchap Share compare to Chapchap?

Fares are structured so that how much you earn on a Chapchap Share trip – from picking up your first rider to dropping off your last – will be at least the same as what you’d earn on an Chapchap trip of similar time and distance, even if we don’t find your first rider a match.

Chapchap Share will help drivers reach their Quest goals faster.

How are fares calculated for trips that find a match?

Each rider that you pick up on a Chapchap Share trip will pay you an upfront fare and each upfront fare will have its own service fee that you pay to Uber. If the trip is matched, the rider is charged a lower upfront fare. The service fee varies as more riders (i.e. more upfront fares) are added to your trip, so your earnings will be at least the same as a comparable Chapchap trip of similar time and distance.

You will also be able to see the applicable Uber service fee in your waybill, found in the Trip Planner section of your Driver app.

If I take a different route for my Chapchap Share trip than the one suggested by the Driver app, is the fare or service fee adjusted?

Chapchap Share upfront fares are rarely adjusted for different routes. This is because riders cannot change their pickup or drop-off locations after requesting Chapchap Share.

Does surge impact Chapchap Share trips?

Yes, it does. Chapchap Share surge is linked to Chapchap surge. This means that if Chapchap prices surge, Chapchap Share does too – by the same multiplier.


Is Chapchap Share safe?

The same door to door safety standards, especially no mask, no ride and support that are available on all trips requested on the Uber app are available on Chapchap Share – from 24/7 support to the in-app Safety Toolkit. 

Respect is the foundation of the Uber community and if a rider behaves poorly or breaches the Community Guidelines, we encourage drivers to let us know in the Help section of their Driver app so we take appropriate action.

Your safety drives us

The safety and well‑being of everyone who uses the Uber app is always a priority. We are actively monitoring the COVID‑19 situation and are taking steps to help keep our communities safer.

  • Pre-Trip checklists: Before requesting a ride or going online to drive, both riders and drivers must confirm that they’ve taken specific safety steps, such as washing or sanitising their hands or sanitising their vehicle.
  • Cancel if you have a safety concern: If you have a safety concern, you can cancel the trip without it impacting your cancellation rate and Pro status. As a reminder, it is always against Uber’s Community Guidelines to discriminate against anyone based on an unlawful reason, including their race or national origin. 
  • Supporting public health authorities: We have a team available 24/7 to support public health authorities in their response to the pandemic, including assisting contact tracers. 

Chapchap Share pickups and drop-offs

Can riders change their destination after requesting Chapchap Share?

Riders cannot change their pickup or drop-off locations after requesting Chapchap Share. We will have email communications to let riders know this. 

How many riders are allowed on a Chapchap Share trip?

Riders can only request a Chapchap Share trip if they are travelling alone. If a rider tries to bring along additional riders, you may cancel the trip and kindly suggest they request Chapchapinstead.

What if my rider is not at the pickup location?

Riders are notified when you arrive at the pickup location. If your rider hasn’t arrived after the stipulated waiting time, you can cancel the trip – just select ‘Rider no show’. 

You can always consider calling the rider after waiting a minute or so to check-in.

What do I do if a rider cancels?

If a rider is added to your trip but then cancels, your current Chapchap Share trip can still continue. Keep following in-app navigation to your next pickup or dropoff location.

How do ratings work for Chapchap Share?

At the end of a Chapchap Share trip, you rate each rider separately. The rating screen will appear in the app once you’ve dropped off all your riders.

Similarly, each rider has the option to provide a rating after they complete their Chapchap Share trip. When a rider gives a rating lower than 5, they are shown a list of possible reasons. If the rider selects an option that is outside of your control, such as “Route by Uber”, it won’t count towards your overall rating.

Do I have to use Uber Navigation?

You may use your preferred navigation app but Uber Navigation is recommended for Chapchap Share trips. This is for two key reasons:

  • Notifications: If you’re in a third party navigation app, some notifications do not come through, like when a new rider is added to the trip or if one of the riders cancels.
  • Routing: Uber Navigation will automatically update and re-route you as needed, like when a new rider is added to the trip. If you’re in a third party navigation app, the route may not update automatically.

How are tolls calculated in a Chapchap Share trip?

All tolls will be added onto a rider’s fare. Riders will pay for their own tolls if they ride by themselves, or split them equally with every rider who is in the car at the time the toll is incurred.

Rider expectations

How are you educating riders about Chapchap Share?

We have several marketing campaigns planned for the Chapchap Share launch to increase rider awareness and understanding. 

What if my rider wants me to decline an additional passenger pickup?

You can kindly remind the rider that they have opted to share their ride with other riders when requesting Chapchap Share. If they prefer a private ride or are running late, you can offer to end their trip early and suggest they request Chapchap instead.

What if my rider requests Chapchap Share by mistake?

If your rider mistakenly requests Chapchap Share, kindly ask that they cancel their trip and request Chapchap instead.