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Vehicle requirements

In Italy

Which car is right for you? Make sure it meets the vehicle requirements in Italy, and remember that you’ll make more money if you keep your costs low.


Your vehicle

  • NCC license
  • insurance
  • registration booklet in which "passenger car must be specified - use of third parties for hire with driver"

What are you driving?

Vehicle options in Italy

Uber Black

Uber Black is the premium product. You can drive with Uber Black only if you have NCC authorization.

Additional requirements

  • Model year 2012 or newer in Rome and 2014 or newer in Milan
  • Good condition (needs to pass vehicle inspection)
  • Dark colour
  • Sedan or van
  • Seats at least 4 passengers in addition to the driver
  • Darkened windows and air conditioning
  • No government cars, or other marked vehicles

In order to drive with Uber Black, the year of registration of your car must be within the limits set for your city. In addition, the model of your car must be in the list of favorite models.

See list of popular models

What else do you need?

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